Schedule some fun

& Remember:

  • For the best room experience we recommend at least 4 people in your group. 

  • Mass Escape is Private Booking only. If you need to add players to your group, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

  • Please arrive 15 min before your booking to sign in and to cover the basic rules.

  • Parking is free on weekends and after 5 on week days. (We know the meters say 6 but they're lying to you.)

  • No need to bring any special tools or objects - just ya brains.

  • Sunday FamFun Day: Any group with kids or students booking on a Sunday can use the promo code "FAM20" for 20% off their booking.

See you soon. Be sure to email us at if you have any questions!

Looking to book a special event or book a room outside of our regular listed hours?

Please give us a call at 774-425-3295 or email We will be happy to work with you to coordinate a private booking. ​