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Ticket Pricing: Thur - Sun 

2 to 3 Tickets: $40 per ticket 
4 to 6 Tickets: $35 per ticket
7 to 10 Tickets: $30 per ticket

For the best experience, we recommend between 4-8 humans in each room (up to 10 for Eckstein).

Family Sunday:
Any group with children or students on Sunday's can use the promo code
for a 20% discount on their booking.

Off-Hours Booking:
Off-ours bookings are $210 for up to 6 people. $30 per person after 6 people. Please
contact us via email to arrange your booking.

Individual Payments:
If your group would like to pay individually for a booking it will just require one extra step.
Please email your request with the following information:

1) Which Escape room you would like:
Winter Wood Land / Eckstein Experiment 

2) The date and time of the available room on our schedule.
(See out "Book Now" tab.)

We will email you a private link in 24hrs that you can share with your teammates to pay individually.
(Disclaimer: Please note, that because we can't respond to all emails immediately 
there will be a chance 
the room you want will be booked by the time ​we reply.)

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