The Team

We're four friends from Westport who did our first escape room a year ago and have been hooked ever since. We've played games as long as we can remember so it only seemed natural to share our passion for games with the community we grew up in.

We can't wait to see you,

Jake, Josh, Daniel and Coop


Vice President of Maze Theory,

Master of Disguise and Questionable balance.

A national champion of something obscure and nerdy, Jake is lending his considerable super powers to confusing people in small rooms.
Something painted amazingly well at Mass Escape? That's Jake. Think there's something easy to trip on? Jake's already tested whether it's dangerous or not - you're safe.
Cafe Colonel by day, powerful puzzle prince by night, Jake is eager to begin this live action realism production (or L.A.R.P. for short) in the downtown area.


VP of the Batman Affairs,

Competition and Agonizing Deliberation

Dan is basically Batman if you take away the billionaire, ninja and genius qualities of Bruce Wayne.
If it's mechanical he'll break it, if it's a muscle he'll strain it. Whether it's a field, court, game board or race track Dan has always been willing to loose.
Fortunately, he's got the best support group in the world when he comes in 2nd, and can't wait to kick-off this adventure with them in his new home town of New Bedford


Josh has been into games and puzzles since THAC0 was a well-known acronym. He's enjoyed facing adversity at the gaming table as well as a Marine infantry officer in Afghanistan.
He's excited to bring something new and exciting to his home city of New Bedford and proud to do it with his best friends.
You can catch Josh trying to figure out how to fabricate a new element of a scenario or more likely drinking a beer down the street.


Vice President of Problems,
Puzzles, Puns and Alliteration

Blessed with the ability to use the words "actually", "technically", "realistically" at an early age, he has endeavored to work them into as many sentences as possible ever since. Cooper is responsible for making life more difficult than necessary, so you can blame him if you don't succeed.

"Wait, can we change problems to conundrums? And can we swap out president for something more like chancellor? Any chance we can we add 'executor of nay-saying' to my title? Are you recording this?"

Needless to say, Cooper relies on the enduring benevolence of his friends for... everything. 

Cooper drove the boat, we stay on land now.



(774) 425-3295


13 N 6th St
New Bedford, MA 02740

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