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The Team

Since the dawn of time, or 2017 when Mass Escape first opened its doors, we have been assembling a fantastic team of humans (and Pinky).


These folks keep the boat afloat, the wheels turning and overall, they are largely responsible for the epic adventures that you can expect at Mass Escape. Without further ado, we present to you:


Doug is the Assistant to the Regional Managers here at Mass Escape. A retired English teacher, he is here to assist with your comprehension skills. When he is not making sure you read our website or clues upside out or inside down, Doug is often found smelling roses, writing mystery novels, or holding down the low end on a 4-string. A witch once turned him into a newt; he got better.



Becky was the first employee to be brought on to the Mass Escape crew back in 2017. Though she loves all things puzzles and mystery, Becky herself is an open book with no secrets! She works during the week up in [REDACTED] where she spends her hours [REDACTED]. Always wanting to travel, Becky decided to journey to [REDACTED] and attended the University of [REDACTED], where she earned herself both an undergraduate and graduate degree in [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. You can often find Becky outside of work scheming to [REDACTED], enjoying the occasional [REDACTED], or even planning her next adventure in [REDACTED].


Jake (aka Duke) is the same as you or I, he puts his pants on one leg at a time, it’s just that after the pants he eats Ramen until his tummy hurts. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from the Mass College of Art and Design as well as various certifications in subjects such as bookbinding, Christmas light detangling, necromancy, and basketweaving. He enjoys Playing D&D and watching horror Films. His lowest achievement was getting that gold plated Pikachu Pokémon card from Burger King which got stolen at camp Massasoit that one year...He knows it was you Dennis!

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Lauren is one of Mass Escape’s original employees, coming onboard in 2017. She appreciates a good joke, or a not so good one, and she really loves telling both kinds. In her spare time, Lauren can be found lifting heavy things, enjoying a glass of wine, or learning a new sport. She's happy to help with all of your Mass Escape needs, just don't ask her to reset the Eckstein Experiment.


Written by Xan



Joining the team at mass escape combines all of Anna's passions; problem solving, being creative, building things, nerd related activities, and talking to people through walkie talkies.

When she's not at work she enjoys DnD, miniature strategy games, getting lost in the woods and never getting involved in a land war in Asia. 

At Mass Escape you will find her covered in plaster dust painting in a small dark room.



Xan just returned from two years living across the pond in England. When she returned, she decided to start locking people in rooms for a living. If you need someone to knit a sweater or sew a pair of jeans, she's your girl. No matter what room you choose here at Mass Escape, you have a chance to meet this little lady. If you want to bribe her for extra clues, she likes hot toddies.


Written by Lauren


What do you get when you combine a mix of social inarticulation, heavy sarcasm, love of animals, good intentions, and an unnecessarily extensive vocabulary? Allow us to introduce to you, Emunah, who lovingly refers to herself as a potato with anxiety that loves to make friends. She likes to think she’s a good soul with a sense of humor, and as long as that keeps her quiet, her friends let her keep thinking that. She was in all her high school plays from 6 th grade up to senior year, often portraying the antagonist, and has been complimented on her improvisation ability. She is currently in school studying to become a Crisis Intervention Counselor, but also enjoys
spending her time writing, reading, playing video games, and brushing up on all the latest news in pop culture. Upon approaching her, please do not ask about anything related to EDM or the DJs that make it – you will literally not be able to get her to shut up about it.



Ian is somehow the only actor on Mass Escape's staff.  He holds a Bachelor's degree in Theatre from Fitchburg State University.  A lifelong resident of greater New Bedford, he's part of two New Bedford community theatre companies, Your Theatre and The Collective NB.  He once got on the high score board of the "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" arcade cabinet at the American Classic Arcade Museum in New Hampshire.  Ian is a card-carrying member of the National Wildlife Federation.  His membership is expired, but he still carries the card,so it counts.


Sam is an aspiring artist, cellist, archer, larper, fashionista, and paranormal enthusiast who ocassionally tries to make video games.
This NEIT grad went rogue after mastering the arts of nerddom and decided moonlighting at Mass Escape was the only way to round out his eclectic skill set.
If you're seeking aid for your adventure, solving a mystery, or just looking for an optimistic appraisal of a situation, Sam is always happy to lend an axe.

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The Founders

We're four friends from Westport who did our first escape room a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. We've played games as long as we can remember so it only seemed natural to share our passion for games with the community we grew up in.

We can't wait to see you,

Jake, Josh, Daniel and Coop  

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