A hands on, mental adventure game in downtown New Bedford.

Mass Escape

Eckstein Experiment

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Ice Station Zero

You and your team have lost all contact with one of our isolated nuclear launch centers located deep in the Arctic.  You’ve received orders to investigate the situation, nothing you and your team haven't handled before. One catch, there's a short time window to get in, find out what happened, and initiate the self-destruct sequence!

Team size: 4-8

Time: 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Hard

44 Winterwood lane

Your estranged great aunt passed away recently. Her daughter died very suddenly years ago, and you've been named the sole heir of her house and its possessions. You must meet the caretaker to claim your inheritance...but what happened to her daughter? And what did your aunt leave for you?

Team size: 4-8

Time: 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Moderate 

The Eckstein


You have always wondered what goes on at Dr. Eckstein's Laboratory, the mysterious brick building at the edge of town. Massive electrical lines run to the building and strange noises can be heard during all hours of the night. What sort of research and experiments are taking place?

An ad was placed in the local newspaper for a clinical trial being held at the facility - now is your chance to find out!

Team size: 4-10

Time: 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Challenging

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