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Mass Escape Safety Standards &

Covid 19 Protocol Compliance


Employee Safety

Employees are screened for COVID symptoms at the beginning of each shift. Additionally:

  1. Employees who are displaying COVID-19-like systems do not report to work.

    • We support the Families First Response Act to ensure that employees are compensated should they need to stay home​ for COVID related reasons and are cleared by a medical professional before the return.

  2. Practice social distancing to the greatest extent possible

    • Our employees will be wearing a mask when engaging with players or staff members.​

  3. All employees have easy access to, and been trained in the proper use of soaps and disinfectants to curtail potential spread of the virus within our venue as per CDC and Mass guidelines.​

Crowd with Masks

Player Safety

Players will have access to gloves, hand sanitizer, and hand washing (upon request).


In accordance with public safety guidelines, players who have been vaccinated do not need to wear a mask. Those who have not been vaccinated are currently still required to wear a mask per state guildlines.

All of our games are private, so players will only be in a room with people they know and have chosen to be with.


We strongly encourage players who are feeling ill to stay home. We will gladly reschedule your game to a later date if you need to cancel any time before your booking.

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Venue Safety

A strict cleaning and disinfecting schedule has been put in place to make sure surfaces in common areas and puzzle components are wiped down between each team.


We have staggered booking to ensure that different teams will not be in the same space at any time and that all areas can be cleaned before a new teams arrival.


We ask that all our customers practice social distancing with our staff who will be maintaining it at all times.

Private booking.JPG

Private Bookings

All of our games are now private, which means that you will only ever be with people you know, and choose to be with.


Please note the following:  


1. We always recommend at least 4 players -- it's more fun, and you're more likely to escape!

2. If you want to pay individually, you will need to contact us via email or phone to get a specific link that will allow multiple people to book tickets versus 1 person booking the room for their party.

Covid Compliance.JPG

Massachusetts Covid 19 Protocol Compliance

We will be following all the mandatory safety standards outlined by the state of Massachusetts in their Phase IV Protocols including:

1. Social Distancing

2. Hygiene Protocols

3. Staffing & Opperations Safety

4. Cleaning & Disinfecting

For more information please see: Reopening Massachusetts 

Sanitize Schedule.JPG

Disinfection Schedule

We are using CDC Guidelines and the Massachusetts Covid Phase Iv Safety Standards to disinfect all in-game surfaces and props, as well as frequently touched lobby & bathroom surfaces (such as door & faucet handles, chairs and tables), after EVERY game.


Every night, we are doing a deep clean of our entire venue using at least a 60% alcohol solution.

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