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What's the score?

You may have noticed we do things a little differently at Mass Escape.

Most escape rooms just make you escape the room, seems pretty obvious. As video game fans and children of the 80's we decided to bring back the old high score board we remember from the arcades of our youth. So how does it work?

When you go into a Mass Escape room you will have a main objective and multiple secondary objectives ( Side quests) . The main objective is the focus of the mission and completing that will end the game. If you have extra time you can hold off on ending the game early and try to score some bonus points by completing secondary objectives.

The math behind the score

Main Objective - 500 Points

Your main objective is the most important and time consuming part of the room. Once this is accomplished the game is over.

Secondary Objectives - 100 Points each

You will have up to six secondary objectives! They will challenge you in many different ways and will require some savvy puzzle solving skills to accomplish. Don't worry about these getting in the way of the main goal. It will be pretty clear whats a bonus objective.

Time Remaining - 10 Points per minute

This is the fun part. If your team is good enough that you find yourself with time on the clock and the main objective close to completion you will have to decide if you want to take the easy ten points per minute or run the clock out and hope to solve the secondary goals.

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